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Lyons Classic Pinball


Star Trek Premium (Stern, 2013)

Baywatch (Sega, 1995)

Embryon (Bally, 1980)


Galaxy (Stern, 1980)

Split Second (Stern, 1981)

Rolling Stones LE (Stern, 2011)


Lyons Classic Video

(at Oskar Blues)

Nothing new to report -

Check back for updates.



Lyons Classic Pinball

(at Abo's Pizza South)

Nothing new to report -

Check back for updates.



Lyons Classic Pinball

(at Oskar Blues Home Made

Liquids & Solids)

New > Sharkey's Shootout (Stern, 2000)

Out: Rollercoaster Tycoon (Stern, 2002)



Games that were...

(and may return again some day!)




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