Chicago Pinball Expo 2006

PinBrawl Tournament - November 3, 2006

Congratulations to Lyons Classic Pinball Flippers (Adam Lefkoff [captain], Jeff Knight, Kevin and Carole Carroll) for winning first place in their division.  Adam Lefkoff also won MVP in "D" division, as well as MVP of PinBrawl, overall.



Congrats also to The Mile High Silverball Gang (Mateo Leyba [captain], Donavan Stepp, Dean Grover and Jeff Rank) for making it to the semi-finals of "A" division.


Flip-Out Tournament - November 5, 2006

Donavan Stepp qualified third overall in the Flip-Out tourney on POTC, but lost in a "nail-biting" first round against Jim Belsito.  Fejj Knar and Jeff Knight both qualified in the "B" division but did not progress to round two.  There are competitors from all over the world who compete in the tourney, so qualifying isn't an easy task.  Great job, guys!!!  (NOTE: Kevin and I both made only a fleeting appearance on the qualification board).


A big thanks to Kevin and Laura McCarthy for bringing 8 excellent DMDs from Colorado to the Chicago show.  Their games were kept running and left up longer than many other games at the show.  Kevin was recognized by the show organizers during the banquet with a plaque with sentiments along the lines of:  " Can't believe you did that!"  I'm sure we join many other pin fanatics when we say thank you for sharing your games!


Jeff Mathews, a Lyons, CO resident and LCP customer, brought his custom pinball game, Cabin Fever (a game he designed and made from "scratch" for his children), to Chicago.  He and Lee Taylor were speakers on a seminar about DIY pinball.  We were unable to attend due to the PinBrawl tourney but heard from others that it was a very good seminar.  It was great to see young and old enjoying the game.  Check out the game



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