Chicago Pinball Expo 2007


Colorado player results:


PinBrawl Tournament - October 26, 2007


Rocky Mountain Pinball Blizzard - 1st place / "D" division

Kevin McCarthy [captain], Laura McCarthy, Kevin Carroll and Carole Carroll



Very Skilled, for a Child - 5th place / "B" division

Adam Lefkoff [captain], Escher Lefkoff, Dean Grover and Dave Mercer


Flip-Out Tournament - October 28, 2007

  • Adam Higgins - 3rd place / "C" division.

  • Trailer Tom - "B" division top qualifier but did not place in the final four.

  • Escher Lefkoff (age 4) - 2nd place / "Tot" division (and first entry into the World Pinball Player Rankings at #394!)



Kudos to Kevin and Laura McCarthy for bringing many of their DMD games from Colorado again this year, along with two of ours (Space Time [Bally] and Time Machine [Data East]).  The games almost filled up one row and received a lot of play from show attendees.




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