Lyons Classic Video is a family-owned business located in the lower level of Oskar Blues RestaurantEstablished in June 2006, LCV is a sister operation to Lyons Classic Pinball (located next door).


At LCV, Video fans can relive their glory days on a collection of over 20 classic Video arcade game titles from the 1980s!  There are also 4 Pinball games for your enjoyment!  All Video games are priced as they were "back in the day" at 25 cents a game.  Blacklights, neon colors and posters complete the experience by providing a "retro" feel of arcades gone by.


At Lyons Classic Pinball, Pinball fans get a rare opportunity to play 37 Pinball games in one location!  These games are from our personal collection and include Electro-Mechanical (EM), Solid State (SS) and Dot Matrix Display (DMD) pingames dating from 1961 to the present.  For the pinball challenged, there are also 6 classic Video games.




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Address:  Oskar Blues Restaurant (lower level), 303 Main Street, Lyons, CO

Phone:  303/823-6100  e-mail: