We would like to personally thank LCP's loyal friends, customers, and supporters.  Nay-sayers said we wouldn't make it and tried to talk us out of opening this business.  Fortunately, we didn't listen; FOURTEEN years later, and we're still flipping!  We couldn't have done it without you.  Thank you, ALL.

We'd also like to acknowledge (in alphabetical order) the following people for their inspiration, help, and support over the years:


Tim Arnold, Ed Aronson, Bill Beckett, Lewis Bennett, Scot Bogart, Jim Botsford, Joe Boyce,

Jim Carroll, Chris, Mike Cooley and Roberta, Steve Corley, Ben and Jess Day, Victor Eifealdt,

Jakob Getson, Ken and Robin Geu, Mark Gibson, John Graves, Tom and Sharon Grobe,

Dean, Samantha, Ryan and Amanda Grover, Dan Gutchess, Steve Haemmerlein, Jareth Hein,

Adam Higgins, Steve and Jan Hood, Jon Jamshid, Denise Jones, Dale Katechis/Oskar Blues,

Fejj Knar, Jeff Knight, Jeffrey Lawton, Basil and Terry LeBlanc, Adam and Escher Lefkoff,

Ken Lewis, Mateo Leyba, David Lin, Roger Lin, Trey Maddox, Gretchen Magwitz, Drew and Emi Martin,

Dave Masslich, Jeff and Amy Mathews, Kevin, Laura, Zach and Rachel McCarthy, Carey McGee,

Josh Medina, Dave Mercer/For Amusement Only, Mile High Pinball Leaguers,

Trailer Tom Miller, Kim Mitchell, Doug Morey and Dee Ezerins, Ray Mueller, Kevin Neale,

Dan and Holly Nikolich/Rocky Mtn. Pinball Showdown, Steve and Syl (RIP) Novak, Brian Pedersen,

Smith Patrick, Denny Powers, Kevin Ryan, Tracy Scheuering, Sam Seiber, Zach Smith,

Donavan Stepp, Jim Swenson, Steve Trujillo, Ryan Wanger, Ben Wagner, Tejo Willis, Jim Young, Nick Zendejas



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